A Dinner Date Extravaganza

Why is a longer dinner date so much better?

Many clients may be seeking services simply to have their physical needs met. Perhaps they are busy and unable to spare too much out of their day having a dinner date. Sometimes, meetings and family commitments don’t always allow as much time to play as we’d like, but why do providers insist on offering ‘packages’ and ‘dinner dates’? I for one am I huge fan of longer dates. It gives us the opportunity to build up some chemistry and find out a little more about each other.

Our First Meet

You may have seen endless photographs of me. Perhaps you already know what you’d like to experience. Often, the first time our eyes meet across the hotel room or the bar will be the first time I have laid my eyes on you. I want to take in the details of your jawline, the colour of your eyes and the shape of your hands.

Naturally, I want to hear the sound of your voice and the stories from your soul. This kind of connection always leads to a better bedroom experience where we can fully let go and dive into a realm of fantasy together. Then, our eyes have been staring at each other hungrily for an hour or two, the anticipation and excitement builds before we devour our desert- each other. After we have reached our climax, the comfort and relaxation can be enjoyed together. Lets lay in each others arms or sprawl out across a marshmallow bed in a plush hotel room. It really is the perfect way to end a dream date together, without the cold reality of goodbye outside the rent by the hour hotel.

I know which I prefer. So, shall we put that champagne on ice and see the city together? Book a date here.

With love,
Your Kate

Image Credit @emirparrotta