I am a high-class escort by night an MBA student by day. What makes me special as an upscale sensual companion, is first and foremost my versatility. I can be the romantic and very charming girl-next-door with whom you can spend an evening kissing, cuddling, having deep-felt conversations and making passionate love. Or I can also be the exotic, luxurious and flirtatious courtesan with whom you can live out your wildest dreams and desires.

I love to seduce as well as I love it to be seduced. I think that true, sensual, intimacy is more than just sex: It is a combination of physical, emotional and intellectual chemistry between two people. And my declared goal at every rendezvous is to create this kind of chemistry to turn our date into an unforgettable, magical experience.

I can be described as ‘classically beautiful’: an elegant lady with a slim figure, toned legs, firm breasts, fair skin, soft and wavy curls and expressive hazel eyes. I am always wearing that one accessory, that makes every woman look absolutely irresistible: a cheeky smile.

I am an adventurous spirit with a constant urge to travel and a very youthful attitude towards life. Always looking for new challenges, experiences and the adrenaline-rush of doing something exciting and new. This resounds not only in my continuous studies and aspiring professional life but also in my passion for my kinky hobby. I would say that I have three big passions in life: travelling the world, enjoying good food and having late night conversations.

Most people tend to think of me as warm, gentle, kind and very well-mannered person but you will discover that my spontaneity, creativity and adventurous spirit expands to the bedroom as well and that there is most definitely a naughty wild side to me.. ?

You can engage in an intelligent conversation with me about almost every topic over a nice glass of wine or a delicious dinner (and that in 3 languages – I am currently looking to improve my German and Spanish – maybe you would like to teach me?). Or would you like to spice up your business trip with some especially sexy room service? Do you feel like you just need some relaxation: a bubble bath together, followed by an extensive, passionate massage and a beautiful woman attending to all your needs? Or are you in a playful, naughty mood and are looking for something even more exciting and out-of-the-ordinary?

Then I am looking forward to your call! Together we will make your fantasies come true…

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