Think Your Fetish Is Unusual? Arousal Uncovered

Sex is a personal thing which is why it is such a weird and wonderful world. People might be embarrassed or ashamed by their own sexual arousal but for the most part, there is always someone else who has the same kink! Below are some of the more unusual sexual desires found on the dark corners of the web!


I know my girlfriends certainly love a bit of sunshine and to adore the rays across the bare skin at the pool. I highly doubt they feel arousal by such. Apparently however there are a few who do feel the familiar tingle of an erection forming, as the suns rays touch the skin! At least it is a rather free fetish to enjoy – depending on which continent.


Find pleasure masturbating or fornicating in front of a mirror? This is reserved for those who become especially aroused from the mirror mirror on the wall. Personally I find it hot. But, taking this to another level American Psycho includes an example of the main character staring at himself in the mirror whilst with two escorts. Narcissism at its finest or normal arousal?


Those who get off on tickling might have this particular affiliation. Although it doesn’t seem obscene, it could find itself as part of the BDSM world when pushed to the extremes. I have seen many people enjoying ‘tickling championships’ though they are usually quick to deny there is anything overtly sexual about it.


Often find yourself lurking around in the forest masturbating? You could be sexual aroused by trees! Perhaps don’t jerk off in the forest. I’m pretty sure it is illegal in many places, but I was surprised to find there are even those who enjoy a little foreplay with wooden objects, specifically trees and forests.


The term comes from ancient greeks love and honey. It describes those who enjoy or find sexual pleasure in the though of bee stings. Just hope that there are no allergies present!

I’m open to trying to new things – but please don’t surprise me with a bee in the hotel room, I might not get wet over it! Do you have something else to add? Or have you come across something different?

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