Avoiding Complicated Work Entanglements – Hire an Escort Instead

With all the television and press coverage in the UK around the infamous ‘Strictly curse’, many words have been on our lips about such a cheat – what constitutes as cheating and where is the line? Is a kiss enough to end a five year relationship? Is sex worse than a kiss?

As we sat on the grey sofa, amongst the throws and cushions, glass of wine in hand, all the girlfriends debated their very fiery thoughts and opinions on such topic of what makes a cheat. It got quite heated! It is certainly a debate that has gripped the UK and most of twitter, but if you have been one of the few to miss it, here is a recap.

Strictly ‘Cheat’ Dancing

A primetime favourite television show in the UK offers all the glitz and glamour of a ballroom dance competition, with celebrities in the fold. The costumes, the dance, the frivolity. An excuse to escape the mundane from our living room. Each week we see a professional dancer coupled up with a celebrity, to compete for the GlitterBall – the prestigious prize for the last man standing! It has always had a legion of fans, however the ratings soared with the recent scandalous prints of a married professional Katya Jones and her celebrity comedian dance partner Seann Walsh. The photos in questions splashed all over the front pages were enough to believe it had all been a fix – cavorting in the street like teenagers in love, they truly looked in the throws of passion, huge hugs and kisses so deep arms pulled into each other. As they say, the look of love.

The Poster Boy For A Cheat

Nevertheless, how could a couple so blatantly cheating on their other halves, public personalities, do so in public and not believe they’d be seen? None of our business, people cry. Except we find out that Seanns other half had been alone, at home. On her birthday. Millions of women cried out in her support, loathing her cheating boyfriend. He became a poster boy for all hated do wrong men. But -would it be enough to end their relationship? For his girlfriend, yes it was. For the married Katya, her husband has remained tight lipped and unmoved by the tabloid press, either grieving in private, or simply doesn’t care.

In the end it raises the questions. How do you keep your marriage and relationship in tact, when spending such close proximity with others, colleagues or friends. We often spend more time with colleagues than with our own families. Its clear how feelings could develop or be misconstrued, Worse perhaps our tensions and lust are simply expressed with the wrong person at the wrong time.

A Happy Home

Of course I am biased when I support the use of escorts to manage these sexual tensions. It turns a highly charged emotional situation into an expression of sex and fantasy, leaving your marital relations unscathed. You know the escort will not go tell your wife, she will not message you or tag you in instagram. Keep your wife happy at home whilst simultaneously releasing tensions in a safe secure environment. What if Seann had the excitement and thrill of extra marital relations? A paid partnership? He would not have been as tempted by the seductive goddess dancer in front of him.

Save your marriage and book a call girl 😉

It is however a very interesting complex discussion, one I enjoy very much. Relationships are very interesting in all the forms.

Love Kate xoxo