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Independent High Class Escort in Madrid

How To Confirm Your Booking

Many providers request a deposit to confirm your booking. This is very important for many reasons, but demonstrates a certain commitment as a client that you are serious about your booking. Why Do You Ask For A Deposit? In preparing […]

Today, I Told My Therapist

We aren’t so different, her and I. We both charge per hour. Listening to people talking and allowing them to express their real self is a huge part of our work. We both offer no judgement. Both of us hear […]

Sex Work & The Day Job

Today my heart sank. A fellow sex worker / cam-girl lost her university place after she was ‘outed’ by another student. (This other person presented her ‘findings’ to the university itself) This kind of sabotage is sadly all too common. […]

Girl Next Door Companion

Click on my website, and you’ll see shiny airbrushed photos. This is what seems the ‘norm’ in online advertising, shiny happy people. From experience meeting my lovely true clients, most say their concern is choosing a provider. This can be […]

How to Find the Best Travel Companion

Why travel with a companion? There may be a few reasons that distinguished or professional gentlemen choose to travel with a companion. Firstly, the demands of work can be too much to maintain a monogamous relationship. When you can finally […]

My Wife Doesn’t Want Me – What Happened?

┬áThe number one reason many clients seek companionship in the arms of a professional, is not to do some dirty dog tricks or act out weird fantasies with strangers. It is to replace the missing physical intimacy from their own […]