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My darlings, how was your summer? I am absolutely thrilled to be back in my hometown once more. I enjoyed summer of course. What did you do? If you want to make a booking or a date, I am now in Madrid katebbouvier@gmail.com for enquiries.

I had a wonderful time exploring the streets of Amsterdam! Yes Amsterdam! The home of the Sex Museum, The Prostitution Information Centre (PIC) and the beautiful flower adorned canals. I have to say the Sex Museum was such a disappointment. For Sex Workers and aficionados alike I would not recommend this one bit, so vanilla. If you however do like fraternising with escorts, do make a small donation at the PIC as they help escorts like myself based there to stay safe and secure.


I walked along the side streets, found little bookshops and enjoyed a glass of white wine on the canal but my favourite has to be seeing the red light district all lit up. Why? Because the girls were safe, registered and LEGAL. I had the opportunity to speak to some of them personally and what a wonderful experience to see our workers rights being protected – these women and men are our mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers and deserve to work in safety. It starts a good discussion and prevents it being driven underground where our safety is no longer guaranteed…


I stayed at the W HOTEL which has a wonderful rooftop and now the cities first Swimming Pool Rooftop! It unfortunately does not have any shade so its perfect for sunworhippers or a quick cocktail, but my fair skin couldn’t handle the rays too much.

Seriousness aside I found SO many wonderful Vegan ice-creams to lick and wrap my tongue around. I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful city as there is so much more there than sex.

Would you like a travel companion to spend a wonderful romantic weekend break to a city of your choice? Send me a message katebbouvier@gmail.com to book me as your personal travel companion.