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Why Does He Need an Escort? The Client Stereotype

One of the first things I am asked is – what kind of client do you have?

What are they like? There is no answer for this. We are challenging the age of client stereotypes, as people question but why does he need an escort?

There is no simple answer. No one needs an escort. We are an indulgence. A wonderful joy in life, a pleasurable companion. Society as a whole has seen a shift in the average type of client. Many of my favourite clients are middle – aged businessmen, married, widowed or travelling. The background isn’t important, as long as we have fun and I am valued and respected as a companion, for me the details are changeable.
Many people are surprised to find that there are a large number of young men turning to escorts for some companionship. The demographic is changing as our preferences are evolving.

Young men have discovered the joys that the wiser generation of client have known for a while.

Paying for sex with a professional companion is a very different experience. It is not dirty or shameful , it is empowering and delightful if you find the right playmate.
Forgo the stress of emotional entanglement or complicated affairs. Busy professionals don’t have time to have their needs met by a partner who demands too much of them. Some want to practice or learn a specific skill.  I have spent many nights with inexperienced men who want to get that awkward stage ‘out the way’ and really learn how to please a woman in the bedroom.

Of course access to escorts and travel companions now is much easier with availability on the internet, as long as the SESTA and FOSTA bill does not destroy our world. Vote against it if you have the chance to keep our sex workers in  business.

To experience a night or a date with a luxury companion, send me an email with your dreams and desires