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Clients I am Gagging For – How To Be A Favourite Client

Ohhh a booking!

I always get excited when I reach down to my phone and find a new email has come through. Oh a booking! I exclaim to myself. Who is it? What does he look like? What secrets does he harbour? Below are my thoughts on how to be the perfect client.

Every client is different. This is what is so much fun, but these are my best bits of our dates.

INTRODUCTION: First Impression

Before we meet, email is my kind of foreplay. The vital stats, height, hair colour, job profession, although not important, leave me gagging for more. I can start to imagine and wonder who might be waiting for me. It also puts me at ease, knowing I am meeting a real person, with fears and fantasies, just like me.

Details helps me plan what to wear and where to go. I really want to make your dreams come true, and its hard to do that if I don’t know what they are. A no judgemental safe space!

  1. Respect Safety – All my services are provided with condoms. Knowing that you value your safety, and mine, allows me to ride you or take you with sexual abandon, and full relax to enjoy our experience together. If I ask for more information, it isn’t to make you feel uncomfortable, simply part of my safety screening process.

      All my services are provided with condoms.

  1. Gift First – Always best to handle the ‘business’ bit first. Having the designated cash amount ready in an unsealed envelope given as a gift on arrival lets us both relax into the date. No awkwardness or having to ask later on. Please note no change is provided but tipping is always appreciated – helps keep me in manicures and lingerie stores! If you want to extend the date, ensure you have some extra cash ready before hand in your room to avoid re dressing to run to the bank! There is no pressure. I won’t be offended if you later decide not to extend and I may not even need to know you ever intended to.

    Always best to handle the ‘business’ bit first.

  2. HYGIENE – This one deserves some extra capital letters. Sex is messy and fun but only if both partners are ready to play the game. Always shower right before our date paying extra attention to your oral hygiene and all the bits down below! If you want the right kisses in the right places, be a little inviting for my tongue … Perhaps we can even shower together or take a relaxing bubble bath together. A nice glass of wine and some tepid water running over our skin….divine.

    A clean client is a happy hooker hehe!

  3. No Pressure – I am there for you. No need to feel you have to get me off or throw me to the stars sexually, if you’re having fun, I’m having fun. Some my best dates are cuddles and bath time. I enjoy this intimacy the most. Appreciation goes a long way.

    I am a lady and love to be treated as your special companion with care and attention.

  4. Time – If you are running late or need to reschedule, do drop me a line to let me know. Equally, when its time for me to go, its time for me to go and I will be feeling sad enough that I have to leave without being asked to overstay.

For any questions or to make a booking email katebbouvier@gmail.com 

Love Kate xoxo

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