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Condom Breakages

As you know, safety is my top priority, in both consent and health. Part of this is most definitely use of condoms during oral, vaginal and anal sex. I have however had a few friends who come to me in a panic as ‘yet another condom has broken’ labelling them unreliable.
I can honestly say that in all my years of professional experience, if you take care, you can prevent this happening to you.

Firstly, it is important to note that using protection, even if small chance of breakage, is 1000% better than using no protection at all with 100% chance of transmitting infections. Some people genuinely don’t know they have an infection as STDs can lie undetected for months, or lay dormant for even years so it not a matter of ‘looking’ okay. That being said, with all the safety in the world, condoms can break.

The SKYN Condom

My absolute favourite brand. I buy a huge multi selection box in all sizes, large for extra comfort, ribbed for extra pleasure, and regular for all time use. This brand has both the thin texture of ‘bareback’ feel yet provides strong LATEX FREE comfort. This is super important for me, as most of the time the number one reason not to use a condom is ‘too thick’ or ‘feels’ unpleasant. I’m not keen on the condom feel, usually but with SKYN I have absolutely no complaints at all.

Tip – their extra sizing options offers comfort and durability for those with a bit more girth. Ensure you are choosing the right SIZE for maximum performance.
Rating 5/5

The DUREX Condom

I don’t understand where all the hype for this brand has come from. Potentially their multi mas marketing campaigns which, bueno, is a fantastic start at getting the conversation started. I have seen adverts in supermarkets, corner shops, petrol stations, metro stations and even bus stops.

Having ‘out in public’ advertising s brilliant, however I do feel this is where my love for the brand ends. Simply, the number one culprit of a breakage, whenever a friend tells me it broke, its sadly a Durex at hand. I wouldn’t recommend these. Personally I get a rash and discomfort with use. I do however ADORE their 2-n1 Aloe Massage lube. What a dream product that is!!
Rating 2/5 for accessibility and talk. Extra points for their amazing lube.

Perhaps you use a different brand of condoms or you are happy with the ones you carry around with you, but how do you limit the breakages?

  • It is important to remember to change condoms between positions. When switching from a heavy ‘from behind’ to a ‘missionary’, you should be changing to a fresh condom to prevent it becoming worn out.
  • In between oral sex and penetrative and/or anal, the condom does need to be replaced.
  • Ensure that if it goes on the wrong way and you have to flip it over – DISCARD IT! do not use.Fluid and pre-cum could have touched the inside, which would then go inside the vagina leading to possible transmission
  • Avoid keeping them in your bag amongst sharp objects such as keys or things that could be slowly wearing them down. Also be wary of extreme temperatures.
  • Always check the expiry date.
  • Choose an appropriate size considering girth and comfort
  • Ensure lube is used- such as the fantastic 2-in-1 Aloe Massage from Durex. Must be a silicone or water based!!! Remember that oils can degrade condom material and cause it to disintegrate and fall apart.
  • Take care when opening the packet – especially those with long nails.
  • Squeeze the tip when rolling it on to ensure there is some room for the finale. Otherwise the force and power of explosive orgasms might burst through the end 😉

Love as always,
Your Kate
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