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How To Confirm Your Booking

Many providers request a deposit to confirm your booking. This is very important for many reasons, but demonstrates a certain commitment as a client that you are serious about your booking.

Why Do You Ask For A Deposit?

In preparing for your date, many providers, myself included, take care to re-arrange our diaries, attend waxing or manicure appointments and purchase special toys, needing a deposit. We often buy specific lingerie to ensure the personalised experience requested. Sometimes I have to pay my personal trainer or my driver up front in advance of the booking; all expenses which go to waste should a booking cancel or no show. In some BDSM bookings, I may have to source specific fetish wear, or rent a dungeon studio just for us.

It is also a very clear way to prevent any lines of mis-communication that the booking has indeed been confirmed.

What Deposit is Accepted?

Amazon E-Gift Card or Bordelle are the ideal deposit for me, as you are able to send this online, and other providers accept other marketplaces or supermarkets too. I choose Amazon as you are able to purchase these cards in various supermarkets or petrol stations cash in hand. So you don’t need to be worried about a family member or spouse seeing the transaction online. To be redeemable, I would only need the code.

Or if you want to add to my designer Lingerie Collection you can purchase a Bordelle Gift Card;

To purchase BORDELLE , simply visit Bordelle E-Gift Card

To purchase, simply visit; Amazon E-Gift Card

Furthermore, please note I require euro or pounds from either Amazon UK or Amazon ES. for 10% of your booking amount. For example, if we have arranged a four hour package for 400 euros, then I’d ask for 40 euros value.

Alternatively, you can also purchase these in various petrol stations and supermarkets at the counter.

Unfortunately, I don’t accept cash deposit in person, as I am unable to dedicate extra time to this with my on-going work and studies.

I Am Concerned About My Identity

You are able to purchase the physical gift card in a store or supermarket using cash. I would only require the number to redeem.

If you wish to make an online purchase, you are able to use your own email address / send this to yourself and then send me the long number to redeem from a different account if you use an alias name.

Is this Extra?

No. This deposit will be deducted from the final amount owed on the day for both Bordelle or Amazon.

What If I Cancel My Booking?

This all depends on the circumstances, perhaps you become ill, it’s specification to your situation and I am understanding. Do get in touch and we can discuss together. For instance, with 48hours notice or more, we can use this towards a re-scheduled appointment the same week. In cases where the same appointment is re-scheduled twice, it is lost and another deposit would be required to book again.

If you cancel within 48hours of the appointment, the deposit is lost. Unfortunately, I would have already paid out in preparation for our date on manicures, maintenance, supplies and toys.

I See You Regularly, Do I Have to Provide a Deposit Each Time?

Clients who have had more than three bookings, or consecutive appointments are not required to provide deposits in advance. This is at my discretion and you will be informed at the time of booking, however if you prefer to deal in card payments than cash, you may prefer to purchase the deposit amount, so there is less cash required on the day.

I’m Unsure

A final note to say, this is not a money making scheme, nor am I greedy. It is simply an insurance on both parties that I’m preparing for you. This is to give you the very best version of myself. With this in mind, the deposit amounts are minimal, but ensure I am able to continue being a Provider. With lingerie gift cards from Bordelle I invest directly back into my business ensuring a quality experience for your future visits.

Being at your beck and call, means I could lose out and be in a financial deficit if I continued to prepare myself for dates that fall through. In addition, it helps me identify which clients are true gentlemen, who respect my time and expenses. I do try and be as flexible as I can on this. If any of the above isn’t ideal, we can come to a similar arrangement. I promise in return, I will give you the very best of me that I possibly can.

Thank you for your understanding, continued love and support.

Love as always,
Your Kate

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  1. When I purchase this , what do I then have to do to send it to yourself, please. no rush as it will be next week before I van but this.

    1. Hi David, Yes you would receive a voucher code via email, you can either enter your email address and it will come to you, then forward to me, or you can enter my email address directly. It is the long code which is a mixture of letters and numbers that is required. Please note I can only accept amazon ES or amazon UK , not amazon, US. If you have further worries or quieres about this, please let me know and I can arrange something else for you. Love Kate xoxo

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