Disability / Mobility / Condition Friendly

Good morning! A post about disability and escorts providing sexual services.

It’s a beautiful day today and the sun is shining straight through my window. It has been hard to leave my cosy bed. All these beautiful rays bouncing across my grey and white sheets. I have lots to do today! A recent friend however messaged me asking about how ‘disability friendly’ Madrid is. I have to say, it’s not ideal. They are improving service access such as bus access and lifts for the metros. However for restaurants and bars, it can be a little tricky. This got me thinking of some of my previous clients who reached out to me asking if I was comfortable or happy to see them even though they were ‘different’ or had physical impairments.

Escort for Disability / Impairments & Conditions

I just wanted to write a post explicitly stating that I am disability / mobility & condition friendly. If you are wheelchair bound, suffer from paralysis, anything from a heart condition to Parkinson’s , get in touch. I would gladly spend time planning our session together. Better safe in the knowledge that we are both prepared and knowledgeable about the condition at hand. Booking a date with an escort, if you have a disability or impaired, is a more challenging experience. It requires a little more research to ensure the time together lives up to or exceeds expectations.

Judgement Free, Accessible Sexual Services for All.

Such conditions that affect almost every aspect of your life, you might also be concerned with finding the right Provider. It’s important to find someone who can cater to your needs. You may even fear they would react badly or in judgement. I will absolutely never ever judge you. Often my dates with those who have ‘special needs’ gave me the most laughter, the most compassion and the most love. A few orgasms along the way too!

Disabled Clients – Safe & Prepared

I am open to new experiences. Although sex by itself can be great, I enjoy the connection with another person. I find it very rewarding when sex feels safe and free between partners. I don’t yet have experience with every condition presented my way yet I’m happy to learn. I’ve have had amazing times with people with all kinds of physical impairments – and we’ve adapted.

Get In Touch

Every session is tailored to you and your needs; what you can and can’t do, and what you feel most comfortable with. As long as consent is explicit for both parties, simply send me a message to discuss your specific situation, requirements. Every person deserves to feel the touch of another, the love and warmth shared. Just because our external bodies are different, doesn’t mean we should feel less worthy of sexual gratification and human touch. With this in mind, we can plan a booking to ensure you are safe comfortable and ready to have some fun!

Love Always,

Kate xoxo

Image Credit @Emir Parrotta