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The Elite Escort

What does an ‘Elite‘ escort do compared to another provider? Why are their prices different to those who are simply marketed as ‘escorts’? What is included with a ‘luxury companion’? These are all questions you may ask or perhaps you may be searching these terms yourself in your quest for the perfect companion.


I often see the term ‘Elite‘ used and I have described myself as Elite in my own marketing and branding. All providers from street – level to those servicing politicians are selling sex. But where does it go from there? I personally use the term Elite to describe a certain level of companionship, an extension from typical services. I don’t charge for servicing itself, but for time spent in my company.

This is an important distinguishing feature for me and the clients I am looking for. Blow jobs are nice, of course. In seeking companionship services, it is important to see what your provider is comfortable offering outside of the bedroom.

Social Skills

I am a highly educated young woman. With experience mingling in upper social circles, I blend in with your work colleagues for the ultimate girlfriend experience. My clothes are more expensive, my lingerie is more selected. I am giving you the opportunity to explore sexual boundaries. Meaning, the gift of my social skills, linguistic abilities and professional experience.

Should a gentleman require company at a work function, or event, a high class or elite companion may provide that. A ‘woman on your arm‘ for the evening, without concern or worry of embarrassment. There is also another level of discretion. They ensure no messy affair ensues that could damage your reputation and family trust, like an encounter in a bar could produce.

To be an ‘Elite’ provider, is not to have the flattest stomach, or the biggest boobs. It is to develop an instant connection and warmth. We ensure our clients are in the best, most comfortable hands for all occasions. I am selling you the fantasy of time and love, not a fleshlight toy. For me, sex is about the gratification of both partners, the sensuality and crescendo, not a quick hand job. Therefore the use of this term is only to maintain clear distinction in the kind or type of provider I am. I pick and choose clients based on my own criteria.

I keep my service a little more exclusive, and if something is more exclusive, it is usually more expensive. There is also a huge cost that goes into maintaining a certain level of grooming which I will post about on its own post. Quality over quantity, every time. This is what works for me. Other providers feel comfortable offering what they feel is best, and that is what makes the market so interesting. A different companion for every different person, and there is room here for all of us. Our community is stronger when we stand together, not as competition but as unique women each providing our own bespoke business. Whatever form that may take.

With love,
Your Kate

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