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A Different Kind of Date – Your First Escort Massage or Experience

This is a post inspired by a recent date who had never been with an escort before. I’d really like to tell you a little bit about what to expect from an escort massage, booking experience or companionship evening with me to put any worries or concerns at ease for your ‘first time’.

BOOKING Your for escort massage, sexy encounters and more.

Communication is everything – how can I possibly begin to realise your fantasies if I don’t know what they are? Precisely, so please do send me an email or a whatsapp message to arrange our date. I will usually ask you what you have in mind, any particular sexual activities to prepare for (because I like to get excited thinking about our encounter too!). The more concise or specific you can be, the better I can prepare for our experience! Don’t be shy, there is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing too naughty to ask. I might not offer everything but this is a safe space to at least ask!

Please also be prepared to tell me your

  • Hotel Address
  • Reservation Name
  • Room Number

Once we have arranged a date and time, on the day of our date I will email or message you to confirm and call you around 30 minutes prior to let you know I am on your way with my little black bag, massage oil within (in case we enjoy a little escort massage.

I simply LOVE this part. I feel all the anticipation for our meet and finally get to hear your voice. I will usually ask for you to tell me how to find your room most discreetly and you can advise me of any side entrances or exits if I haven’t visited the hotel before.

MEETING Your Escort

On the hour, I will knock at your door and greet you warmly and hope you reciprocate my cheek kiss or hug! I’ll be just as excited as you. Now is a polite time to take my coat. You may wish to offer a beverage or tell me about your day before we get a little more comfortable…


When we start to explore each other, don’t forget I have provided us with condom precautions, lubricant and massage based products to heighten our experience. Here we can have a lot of fun and act out anything we have planned during our chat! You can take the lead and tell me how what where and when it feels good. Or you may like to lie back and let me ride you and kiss you to my hearts content!

THE FINALE Escort Massage

Don’t feel once ‘the deed is done’ that I leave. Not at all! We can enjoy each others company, engage in playful massage, have a beverage or maybe you’d like us to take a relaxing shower or bath. If we have the energy, we can try for round 2 or 3 or 4! Often there may not be time to do everything we want within the booking time, but there is always next time for the escort massage! For longer dates, you may wish to add dinner packages, add on massage, or as a date companion to your company dinner. Do let me know in advance so I can bring appropriate attire or massage oil. I shouldn’t really turn up to dinner looking like the desert! That’s just for you 😉

I hope to hear from you soon,

Love Kate x x