Falling In Love With an Escort

This is one worry most partners have if their spouses have been frequenting sex workers. Usually, in 90% of cases or more falling in love with an escort is a one-way affair. It is extremely unlikely the sex worker will feel at all the same way.

We are courtesans offering a fantasy service (of falling in love with an escort). If our client feels it is real, it is flattering that we are good at our job. But that is all, fantasy. Escorts are paid to make the dreams of clients come true. These dreams may be a quick guilt free bang in the middle of the work day, or it might be to cry, to be held with no consequences. Being the head of the household comes with great responsibility to carry your spouse, the family, the expectations of work and friendships.

Where do they go to be themselves free of the shackles of daily life?

In my experience clients pay for services for the guarantee the experience won’t be terrible. Not having to worry about poor drunken behaviour, dysfunctional sex, mismatched personalities or bruised egos, I would too. For this reason, if we are good at providing the service asked for, the lines can feel blurred. To have someone you connect with so well, can be addictive and heady experience – albeit it is still a service.

Not all providers are selling sex, some of us are selling love, experiences

How To Ensure You Don’t Fall in Love With Your Escort?

Maintain normal boundaries is very important. if you find yourself texting them or emailing them outside of ‘arrangements’, this can be a slippery slope. It is nice to maintain contact with someone you see semi regularly, but not about your day or your children. Maybe only send that text if its relevant to the next booking or something extra important happened that you talked about with them. Providers are on paid time, and trying to push communication beyond this can indulge the fantasy that this relationship is real. It isn’t. I am very fond of my clients. Some of them I adore spending time with, but in the same way I may enjoy jokes with my colleagues at work – I see them at work.

Don’t be tempted to ask your escort to meet you outside of the paid time arrangement.

As a professional service perhaps they may extend the time a little, or a free wine or coffee here or there, as a kind professional. Do not expect your escort spend time with you in their homes, as friends. This will only hurt your feelings when enviably, they cannot return the favour.

As an escort, the reverse is true, when clients ask these questions, please can I spend time with you as we are friends? The line is firm. The line is simply that we have a professional service, and as much as we enjoy time with our clients, our private lives are already full with families, children and home commitments. Our relationship with the clients stays in our parallel underworld universe – as it should, where playtime is escapism, fantasy and fun.

Sometimes I share emotional experiences with my clients – this is the ultimate job satisfaction and reward. If I don’t want to extend this into my private life, it isn’t because I don’t feel it. I am so proud to be the one you can share yourself with, in my professional working life. That makes me feel loved, respected and ultimately, a great courtesan.

Have you experience client love? Have you tried to push the boundaries yourself? Share the experience with me, I would love to hear from you.

Your Kate.

Image Credit @Emir Parrotta

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