International Escort

Fly Me To You – International Escort

FLY ME TO YOU – What is this? A modern trend in travel. Many clients travel for business or pleasure. It isn’t much fun to eat alone, so now you have the option to take an international escort with you to make the most of your trip!

If you are a regular client of mine, or we have seen each other before, FLY ME TO YOU is an option I now also provide as an international VIP escort. This is such a bespoke package that I must have seen you at least once or twice prior to ensure we have natural chemistry to make a trip worthwhile together.

My expectations for the trip depend on the adventure you have planned – perhaps you only want a little arm candy for dinner, company events or night time entertainment whilst you are at a networking function abroad. Maybe you want a full girlfriend experience for a holiday and some well deserved rest.

I provide full international escort companionship but in longer extended bookings, I have a couple of other requirements to bed rested and ready to play;

For more than two nights;
Business Class Flights + Own Room

In order to be rested and ready to play, I prefer to travel with flatbed for maximum comfort. This is not to take advantage, but simply to perform my best when I am with you.

Having my own room , may seem an odd request, I have come to spend time with you though haven’t I? Absolutely! I only ask for my own room to store my belongings, call my family to check in for safety and get ready for our dates in private. The rest of the time, by the beach, afternoon naps, bath times, all together! It is just nice to have a ‘base’ to maintain the perfect girlfriend experience. During the night after you have fallen asleep, I may wish to return to my room where we can sleep uninterrupted, ready to play when you wake in the morning.

Please note, there may be limitations on travel to any destinations where prostitution, sex work and escorting are illegal. Apply with you city to discuss further.


Simply send me an email enquiring about the ‘FMTY package’. We can discuss our trip, my diary arrangements and expectations.  I personalise all trips – as such prices are subject to individual requirements. We can tailor things to you. 


Your first inquiry should contain the following information;

  • DATE: What are the dates of your proposed trip? Is this fixed of flexible?
  • LOCATION: Will it be only one location or will we travel to another destination?
  • PLANS: What kind of trip are you hoping for? A beach companion? A city explorar? A work function?
  • SERVICES: What sexual fantasies or fetishes do you hope you enjoy during this trip? A particular service or dream?

Please note during overnight trips I require at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep to maintain my beauty and relaxation, and be ready to play!

PACKAGES – Expected Cost?

My approximate heavily discounted rate is 500 euros per day + travel expenses. This can be negotiated and discounted depending on what you have in mind. As long as all negotiations and business talk happen at the beginning of our trip plans, everything is on the table. Discounts and price changes after confirmation are not accepted.

  • FMTY – WEEKEND GETAWAY within SPAIN. Train travel possible. Friday to Sunday perhaps?
  • FMTY – WEEK GETAWAY for LONG HUAL ; Caribbean, Americas, Australia for example. More than 3 weeks notice required.

DEPOSIT and Confirmation.

In order to confirm, a deposit cover 100% of travel costs is required. This is to be made to a secure account via transfer, or PayPal. Alternatively for smaller trips, an amazon deposit may suffice. 

All bookings are bespoke and as such all the above is only a guideline. Get in touch, no pressure to discuss your booking today.