Kate Bouvier Escort Getting Ready For The Date

Our Date Preparation – My Routine!

I usually ask for at least 24hours notice for all bookings, but I do try my best if your plans have suddenly come together. Mainly due to my busy schedule as a student, but also so I have adequate time to prepare and enjoy getting ready.

Before the Date

I find it most important to have this time before our date. With notice, I can get my nails done to ensure the perfect manicure. I also like to visit the beautician to have a wax so my pussy is nice and soft!

This time allows me to carefully lay out all my lingerie according to your preferences and decide what to wear. I have such a selection of underwear from beautiful bridal wear to silky slips and its nice to ensure I have the matching stockings and accessories too.

Getting Ready On the Day

Once we have discussed what is likely to happen; i.e. dinner or an intimate bath, I can begin to plan what to wear. This would usually be a discreet black dress suitable for all occasions, but especially in the summer months our walk through the park can also be soft light fabrics to blend in with the other couples on our stroll 😉

After choosing my lingerie and placing it in my bag, I make sure I have all our playthings. Sometimes this may be a toy you have requested, but I always like to take plenty condoms, some tea lights to set the mood, lubricant and oil.

The Evening

Right before our date, I like getting ready in the shower with my luxurious almond body wash and apply coconut oil for super soft skin to the touch. I also wash my hair with a nice conditioner and apply a face mask. Wrapped in the soft towel, post shower, I like to apply light moisturiser and pick out my jewellery, if any. Then I am ready to get dressed, delicately pulling on my stockings without laddering them, and sliding on my bustier or panties.

My driver sends me the signal that he is waiting outside and I discreetly exit the building and head over to you!

With love,
Your Kate

Image Credit @emirparrotta