How do I make a booking?

I would kindly like to ask you to fill in the contact form on my website as completely as possible. I will need your name (please use the surname under which you will be checked in at the hotel for my discreet and announced screening process), the date/time/place of our date and your email address. I´d also appreciate reading a bit about yourself and about your ideas for our time together. I will always make first contact by email and will never call or text you without your prior consent to do so.

How far in advance do I have to make a booking?

For appointments inside Madrid I will need one day notice to prepare for our date. For the rest of Spain I would appreciate at least two days notice. For all bookings outside Spain I require at least 4 days notice. Please note, bookings during the week may require very advanced notice. In general, I would recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. Please understand that due to my studies I can only make a few appointments a month.

What are the conditions for international bookings?

For international bookings please contact me via email, phone or contact form to discuss further details. International bookings are only available to my regular adventurers.

Do I really need to provide you with all the requested personal details?

Yes, I need this information for my discreet screening process. Please understand that I’m as concerned about my safety and privacy as you are about yours. Any information given to me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect. I will never hand out your personal details to anyone else. Being a discreet person by nature, I ask for the same pleasantry during our correspondence.


What services do you provide?

I offer company, entertainment, conversation and sensual services. Generally speaking I offer a genuine GFE (Girlfriend Experience) with full service. I also offer A-level (to regulars), specialized massage and kinky services on request. Furthermore I do offer special arrangements like an ‘Interact-service’ for physically disabled gentlemen and a ‘First-time-experience’ for the less experienced men. Please don’t feel ashamed about anything. You can openly share your fantasies and wishes with me and we will see how we can make them happen.

All services are always provided safe! No exceptions!


When should the donation be given?

Since I like to get business out of the way as fast as possible to proceed quickly to the exciting and pleasurable part of our date the ‘money-bit’ should be handled within the first 5 minutes. I would appreciate receiving the donation in cash in an unsealed envelope. Please keep in mind that I usually don’t carry change!

Do you offer incalls?

Incalls can be arranged a local love hotel or boutique for an extra supplement. 

What kind of payment is accepted?

I accept payment in Euros and cash only. Payment in GBP is possible when discussed beforehand. In some cases I require payment by bank transfer (eg for international and long term bookings). I do NOT accept payment by credit card or PayPal.

Do I have to pay travel expenses? Are there any hidden costs?

My rates cover all my travel expenses inside Madrid. For bookings outside Madrid travel expenses might appear. Please contact me for further details. In case of travels by plane or train all bookings are always made by myself, the costs will be covered by you. There are no hidden costs. I don’t charge extra for most ‘special requests’. If there are any additional costs I will inform you about this prior to our actual meeting, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

What about a Tip or gifts?

Tips or Gifts are always appreciated but never ever required or expected! For ideas feel free to view the last point on this page or check out my wishlist at


“Dinner and sexy dessert”

This is a package for a 4 hour date. We will meet at your hotel. From there we will go together to a restaurant that you have chosen. We will have a dinner/lunch there and spend about two hours there having great conversation and getting to know each other better. After that we will return to your hotel for a very private, sexy dessert… I recommend this package especially to gentlemen who haven’t had the chance to meet me yet to get to know each other or to gentlemen who don’t have any previous experience with escorts.

The total time of our date is four hours, and should we overrun the dinner portion, there is no ‘extra’ time given for private time. You do however have the option o extend for additional donation

“Companionship only”

Are you searching for someone to have a nice dinner with? An evening in the theatre or opera? A private city tour with an elegant, young lady? Then this package should suit you! This arrangement does not include any private time in your hotel room, neither any intimate contact (holding hands, kissing, cuddling, sexual intercourse). Please note: If you have to be warned more than two times that your behaviour is not suitable for an companionship only – arrangement, I will leave without any refunding of your money. The companionship only arrangement can always be turned into a date with “private time”, if you wish. The fee for the whole duration of the date will be recalculated then!


Do you really look like in the pictures?

Yes, all my pictures on the website are recent and genuinely me. You can trust me when I say that what you see is what you will get.

How will you be dressed on our date?

If not requested otherwise, I will be elegantly dressed for the occasion. My wardrobe consists of refined designer clothes and exclusive lingerie. But I also have more kinky or daring outfits, that I could bring. Of course, I am always open to your wishes for my style. If you have something specific in mind, please let me know!

Why did you choose this profession?

This is a question I sooner or later hear from every gentleman I choose to see, so I decided to answer it here on my website. I chose to become a High Class Companion because I enjoy it… a lot! With every encounter I feel the thrill of the adventure, feel the satisfaction to please someone, I enjoy great conversations with interesting gentlemen I would usually never get to meet and love to take a peek into other people’s deepest fantasies (may it be sexual ones or others). It is a great counterpart to my sometimes dull days spent at university or work and it gives me the freedom to explore the world and to refine myself. And I have been told plenty of times that I have a talent for it as well.. But why don’t you find out for yourself?

What do you expect from your clients?

What matters most for me is that you are a true gentleman, that knows how to treat a lady. Furthermore, I see very good personal hygiene and good manners as a given. In case of poor personal hygiene or rude or violent behaviour towards me I will immediately terminate the appointment without giving any refund. In case of violence towards me, my security will handle the situation for me and the local police will be informed immediately.

How can I make you smile?

You can always make me smile by offering me my favourite drink (Cava or Prosecco). Furthermore, I love the smell of white roses, or a nice perfume (Cherie by Miss Dior). As a High Class Courtesan I love hand bags and purses (Faux leather only!). A classy petite watch or a carefully picked piece of jewellery will always make me think of you. If you want to spice our date up even more, I am sure we could make great use of sex toys (Lovehoney, Lelo, We-Vibe, Fun Factory). Although, honestly speaking: Your happy and satisfied face after our date makes me truly smile.