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Is Her Image Authentic? Who Is Kate?

Choosing a Provider to book by image especially if you have not used many services of this nature before in your life .

Often, with endless advertising pages online, it can feel quite overwhelming choosing a provider. Some have visible faces, some boobs, some legs. Some are available now, some not but how do you know if they ever look like that in real life? Will she be the same girl or will the agency send me a different one… hoping no one would notice?

Independent Provider

I am an independent provider and manage myself. This allows me to control the content you see, and ensure it is an accurate representation of a real woman. Although I do have security, a driver, web designers etc. who assist me to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely, I try to show you a little glimpse of my life to reassure you I am committed to my role. One day, maybe I’ll be successful enough to have an assistant. For now however, I am the only point of contact from my words written on my email confirmations to our date in real life, as our worlds meet. 

I Look Like My Photos – But I Am A Real Living Woman!

I have spent a long time creating a website which I hope reflects my personality. My hair changes all the time with the seasons and the wind! Of course I might not have the exact same hairstyle as a shiny photo shoot I did years ago, so for this reason I have also spent a lot of time on my Twitter profile making sure that both here, in my blog, and my Twitter provides you with the most up-to-date content. 

Imagery is important to convey what kind of person I am and I really hope through my various candid , professional and studio shoots you can see the many faces I have. Whether you are looking for the girlfriend rested in your pillow or the arm candy at dinner, I try to show my many possible offerings.

Just get in touch if you have concerns.

Your Kate
Image Credit @Emir Parrotta