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Preservatives, Condoms and Linguistic Disasters of an Escort

An Escort doesn’t need to speak multiple languages but does it help?

I mainly advertise my escort companionship to business travellers, usually on an international basis who wish to communicate in English, however I did have my first enquiry in Spanish. Although I am learning the language, I wondered, could I hold a date completely in Spanish? Could I date men as an independent escort in Spanish? Is it ever appropriate to ask my Spanish teacher escort questions like how to say ‘how does it feel when you fuck me’ hmm. I have doubts about that… 😉

Preserving my escort linguistic dignity?

Nevertheless I was chatting about it to my girlfriend, over a coffee (cafe con leche de almehndra porfa) in a Madrid shopping centre when I loudly exclaimed in Spanish that the food sold had too many preservativos… In English of course the word is ‘preservatives’, little did I know that the translation for preservatives is conservantes and NOT preservativos which means CONDOMS!! No wonder I had a few looks from the mother at the table next to us…but I suppose a plate full of condoms is an occupational hazard of mine anyway and likely to occur hehe!

Another key thing to note is that it is often better to converse in English as it helps maintain discretion when entering or exiting the hotel. For this reason I always place a discreet call to your room about 30 minutes prior to our date for you to tell me how to find the lifts and what floor you are on so it can be our little secret 😉 If you have any more questions about this have a look at the FAQ section where I explain some of the process, especially if you are new to escort services.