Does Size Matter?

With my better-than-average experience, most things my girls love to ask is does size matter? Of course MORE men are asking me this than women – so is there any truth to it?

In my experience, size isn’t important, unless we are talking the size of your heart.

Ohhh so cliche I know! But the thing is, if you experience a truly great connection with someone on an intimate level – size isn’t relevant at all. The connections we experience in our lives are there to make memories for a lifetime and giving someone that vulnerability of yourself goes far deeper than any dick!

Big penis, small penis.

This can enhance the physical sensations, but usually the level of arousal is far more important in the experience overall. Some of my BEST lovers, have been the smallest. Often this was down to their level of passion and foreplay making a far better experience for your lover.

That is to say, that even the four inch dick can be an incredible lover with lots of enjoyable foreplay, kisses and touches first. Running your hands all over my body and delicately playing with my nipples before tantalising and teasing me with your fingers will arouse me to new levels of desire that when I feel your penis inside me, it’ll be all that excitement that leads to the mind blowing orgasms – not the jack hammer.

Men are often under the mis-guided impression ‘the bigger the better’ which is simply not true. A shallow vagina does not need the pounding of a log, over and over again. Ohh not thank you!! Someone once said ‘big dicks don’t fair well in shallow vaginas‘ – and this is very true!

My beautiful female genitalia needs the soft awakening of a lovers touch, with or without his member.

Diving in with a 7 inch penis is unlikely to be appreciated.

And so, men of all penis sizes, it is your gentle touch, building TRUST between you and your playmate that allows us to open up to you in all manners possible, regardless of size. If you are big, go slow and fill me up to submission, but if you are small, show me love with foreplay until I beg for your pleasure..and there are benefits to having a small penis – more holes to enjoy!

For those less experienced; I’m not talking about the ear. No ‘wet willies’ here thank you! hehehe!

With love,
Your Kate

Image Credit @emirparrotta