A Successful Mission in Missionary

Missionary Sex Position – Bringing Sexy Back

You have probably tried the most common ‘go-to’ missionary sex position at some point in your life. Or if you haven’t had sex,  you will probably lose your virginity this way. (I do offer a special evening for less experienced gentlemen, do contact me here for more information) Seemingly more intimate with eye contact, it is loved by those with less experience and those in-the-know. But how do you make it more exciting and pleasurable for both of you? It can become a little mundane if you fall into the same routine. I have heard it is a favourite for the big orgasm however!

  1. Kissing can throw you off your rhythm and sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t great. Why not step it up and nibble on each others ears, neck kissing too can be extremely hot.
  2. Have her run her hands through your hair to get to those erotic zones!
  3. For a romantic touch, running your feet along our legs can en heighten the experience (only if you haven’t got hard callouses that could hurt our delicate skin!) You might LOVE it when she does this to you , get a little toenail action in too for a pain / pleasure mix. Perfect excuse to treat her to a pedicure!
  4. Lift her legs in front of your chest / close to your neck, this position lifts her pelvis slightly and allows for a deep thrust – so enter gently! Rocking back and forth, and her movement too can alternate this grinding for some seriously sexy feels!
  5. Talking dirty during or even whispers of adoration can really get the steam turned up! Start slowly and small and see how the other person responds…if they are into it you could really get each other off through some dirty name calling, whispers and sexual fantasies.
  6. Mirrored ceilings can be worth the investment for this position – or even at a hotel on a dirty weekend away. She can watch from above for some really sexy visuals.
  7. Most women do need some clitoral stimulation to reach climax, and they can do this if you are able to hold her legs or enter from further back off her chest. This allows her space to feel both pleasure from her hands and you inside… 😉 You could also use small toys on her in this position too!

Sex Position

Want to practice any of the above? Just send me an email!

Love Kate xoxo