Happy New Year 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 in Madrid

A little post just to say HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you to my lovely dates in 2017 . I hope to meet more of you in 2018 for special dates and great conversation. If you’ve been thinking of contacting me but holding back – send me a message and we’ll arrange something fun  

I plan to say goodbye to 2017 in style by hosting a Canapes and Cava party with some close friends. I have a tight little sequin number I plan to slide on and dance the night away with my girlfriends! What are your plans? How will you see in the New Year? Don’t forget Sol Plaza is closed off from 9pm due to large crowds.

What are my plans and thoughts for this Happy New Year 2018?


I absolutely love cooking and my favourite is wearing an apron and pinafore cooking. The anti modernist movement to love blow jobs and a stirring pot but what can I say?! Vegan and vegetarian dishes are my favourite – you’ll be surprised what fun I can have whipping up a storm! Of course it goes without saying, that Japanese show cooking is one of my favourites and would be such a fun date night!


There are still so many places left to explore that I cannot wait to get out there with you and explore every little secret bar the city is hiding. I certainly would like to see a show, in Spanish and start going to the cinema more. One of my hidden gems is Cafe Oriente in Opera, Madrid. The beautifully manicured gardens and warmth of the burning gas lights fills me with pleasure. A nice glass of wine and I’m feeling sooo relaxed!


More orgasms please, yours, mine, hers, just a 2018 filled with passion and debauchery – need I say more? 😉

I should probably look into my collection and get some new lacey underwear, the dirtier the better. Maybe its time I bought some crotchless panties…

Happy New Year!

Love x K x