What To Call Your Provider? The Changing Names of Sex Work

Prostitute , Hooker, Whore.

Which terms are acceptable and what does ‘Prostitute’ really mean?

Prostitution / use of ‘Prostitute’ is the big umbrella term given to what is now known as Sex Work. However it is important to note that Sex Work is consensual. Prostitution can also cover problems in the industry such as trafficking, which is not consensual, and not work. It is a form of slavery and a violation of human rights. Because of this, the term prostitute has been used to shame, with negative, demeaning connotations and often those in Sex Work don’t wish to be labelled as a ‘Prostitute’.

Personally, I am accepting of the various labels as it promotes an healthy conversation which leads to more of society’s acceptance. I want to own this term to prevent it being used against me as slander or insult. The dictionary definition, used to be that of ‘selling’ oneself or body. In theory this happens with many professions ; sportsmen, labourers for example, but only sex workers are targeted with shame. If we are choosing to sell an experience, rather than our ‘body’ this is our business service.

Sex Trafficking is Rape

It is not consensual. It is a problem. This an evil problem in the world of prostitution and the sex industry, but it is not sex work.

Furthermore, Sex Work can then be divided into those that provide different forms of sensual touching; escorting, and massage, privately or in brothels. Then, into the adult entertainment industry, where professionals engage with other professionals, web-camming and/or video. Stripping and dancing may also feature in this sub category as it is visual, indirect contact with clients.

I have done both web cam work, videos and variations of porn as well as now, escorting. Many people use the term escorting to describe the act of companionship, that usually does or can include some form of sexual contact. It can be a dinner companion, and more or sometimes even a cuddle or conversation. Naturally, the use is wide and varied. Nowadays, ‘upscale companion’ can also be a great term as it encompasses the wonderful rewarding parts of the sex industry – companionship. The idea that those who want to learn, want validation or are a little lonely can receive warm love, without the negative unnecessary shame. It is a form of therapy.

What Other Provider Terms?

Other terms are useful to search the backpages of the internet to find providers instead of prostitute, but also can have negative connotations due to their slanderous intentions ; whore, hooker, rent boy. Working girl, gigolo, call girl and ‘oldest profession’ are used as other terms in the industry but are not as professional as courtesan, companion and sex worker are.

The English language is developing and changing all the time with evolution of societal norms and expectations. If in doubt, refer to us as sex workers – as thats what we do; find work in Sex.

Do You Agree?

Are you a sex worker? Do you disagree or agree with anything aforementioned? Get in touch! I am learning all the time and appreciate first hand experience from my comrades.

With love,
Your Kate

Image Credit @emirparrotta