Researching Providers

There are many directories online to search for your perfect companion and to aid you in researching providers. Sometimes this can create difficulties in really finding them since there is almost too much choice. How do you know who is real, who is not?

I am saddened when frequently clients admit they have turned providers away, realising immediately an agency has sent a completely different person to the one they had spent time researching. Perhaps this happens for good reason, but in my opinion, it shouldn’t without appropriate communication. Illness etc, is all understandable, but I get just as annoyed when other things in my life are substituted, why would a loving service be any different? This work is personal. You may have preferences or selected someone for her individual flair, offerings or communication.

My best advice when choosing the right companion for you, is not based on my personal opinion of providers but on how to find the right match. Everyone has different tastes and styles. One good thing about online presence is that its generally not too difficult to find a little more about the person you’re looking at.

Directories are a great start!

Here you can apply filters for different cities and different price points, as well as specific services. I would advise however progressing from the directory onto her personal pages, either their own website, or social presence on instagram or twitter. Here you can see more about their ‘tone’ in their writing.

Questions to consider when browsing these pages;

  • What services does she offer? Is it what I am looking for?
  • Does she have her face blurred or visible? Do I mind?
  • Have I read the FAQs on the website?
  • Are they independent or part of an agency? Will the agency send me someone else if she is unavailable, will I mind?

IMPORTANT; Do not ask a non-visible provider for photos. They have chosen to keep this discreet for a reason. Asking for photos beforehand is not aceptable etiquette.

  • What packages do they offer? Do I want a quick service, or a time based companion with dinner?
  • Do they have a list of personal etiquette for booking? What information should I include in my introductory email?
  • Do I have special requirements they can assist with? LGBTQ friendly / disabilities / conditions / virgin etc.

All of the above here takes time and consideration. If you do not have time to interact and visit their carefully crafted websites and brands, you may be better suited to an agency who will pick for you. Every provider is different. Take a little time to see who they are online and what their branding represents. What is their voice online? With this, you’ll have no trouble finding a great match for your personality, leading to a better experience for both! I am open and happy to discuss your ideas and experiences in a non judgemental safe environment. Contact me for more info;

Love as always,

Your Kate

Image Credit @Emir Parrotta