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To Spank or Not To Spank? How To Respect An Escort

Escorts are men and women, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives and their wishes should be respected just as the next person. If you are unsure what you can and can’t ‘do’ or how to respect an escort – ask them! The best sex starts with communication, and my dates are all about communication. Usually beforehand I will ask what you are looking for to make sure we are a compatible match during the different package or date chosen.

A Good Spanking

As a high class independent escort, I don’t stand outside waiting for punters. I want to cherish our time together, enjoying every touch (or spank!) on my skin. This might be on an emotional level to relieve you of worries of your life or the physical release through our fantasies. Sex is best when it is pleasurable for both!

Down & Dirty

I love to get down and dirty but as any woman, I have my own likes and dislikes – but the good thing about an escort is I WANT to please you! There is nothing you can’t ask and this is the best way to respect an escort. I personally enjoy a good spanking and slut calling, as much as I enjoy a good cuddle and girl friend experience but not everyone does. If in doubt, ask her during the booking process.

I would love to make our time as special as possible. Don’t be shy – tell me every little fantasy you have and we can see how to make it come true. I’m sure I have heard it all before and even taken part in some fun! I may even have some sex toys we can use to lighten the mood or if you want to try something new.

Ask me to have a look in my filthy draws 😉

What has been your best escort experience? Was it unusual or simply memorable?

Love Kate xx