Sex Work & The Day Job

Today my heart sank.

A fellow sex worker / cam-girl lost her university place after she was ‘outed’ by another student. (This other person presented her ‘findings’ to the university itself) This kind of sabotage is sadly all too common. Their reasons were flimsy at best. She had put the university into disrepute, and she put vulnerable children at risk.

Although, I was a teacher, I don’t teach right now. My ability to provide appropriate warmth and love to children, is completely unrelated to any other activities to make-ends-meet. As an educated elite provider, I am a normal woman, with normal ideals. I have a family, I have dreams and aspirations. I’ve had boyfriends, pets. The reason I believe, I am successful in this industry is that I am sharing human connection.

Shocking news that most adults, have sex.

For example, a teacher having sex with her husband is not placing children at harm. Change husband to someone with cash and suddenly the person is considered dangerous and sinister. Usually, most forms of sex work are shunned , simply because money is involved. Why?

Furthermore, the last time I checked, children don’t have much money. If they did, they’d be spending it at the tuck shop. Maybe buy a squishy unicorn, not ask to purchase a sex show with their kindergarten teacher.

White Collar Profession

The idea that white collar professions are somehow more able to take care of children is completely false. In addition, we now know that most narratives of child abuse involve the very people supposed to protect them ; family members, and more sinister, the Church itself. If the Church, the very epitome of innocence, has been involved in sexual corruption, why are we still applying such discriminatory views on those with stable lives and paying jobs?

Considering, the people who are PAYING providers, are often FATHERS, POLITICIANS, BROTHERS, SISTERS. If they are involved in the payment of sex, why the double standard on those who offer it?

I do not see my clients as ‘sinister’ or ‘dirty’. FAR from it. If anything, my clients are better people than most found in bar, or god forbid, Tinder.

Leaving Sex Work

In states where it is criminalised, or even all with stigma, getting a ‘day job’ with a blank CV is incredibly difficult. This further stigmatises those who wish to move onto other careers.



The Wolfenden Report (1957) finds that ‘the great majority of prostitutes are women whose psychological makeup is such that they choose this life because they find in it a style of living which is to them easier, freer and more profitable than would be provided by any other occupation. The association between prostitute and ponce is voluntary and operates to mutual advantage.

The above report was written in 1957 and we are STILL trying to stop seeing sex work as exploitation. It CAN be dangerous, it CAN include trafficking, as CAN many things. We don’t ban marriage for child brides, or nannying for slavery.

We must continue to love our clients, and love our providers. In the same report, Homosexuality was criminalised and now is not. Madrid often reminds us with its fabulous wall stickers;

Madrid loves you, whoever you love.

Now lets add, Madrid loves you, whoever you love, why ever you love. ….lets be inclusive of those want to love for money, or purchase love with money. For a wonderful loving experience, contact me.

Love as always,
Your Kate

Image Credit @emirparrotta