The Importance of Sexual Health

Sex is fantastic, but for me always safety first with condoms.

Of course it is really important to make sure whoever you are sleeping with has been tested for STIs, if you can However if you are having one night stands, seeing providers/clients or are not sure, this is how you can minimise STI transfer. 

1. Carry your own condoms unless with a Provider, then trust theirs.

For one night stands, it is not safe to use anything else because you don’t know how worn or reliable the condom is. That being said, if with a professional , the professional usually knows whats tried and tested. Sometimes condoms can get holes, either intentional or unintentional by lying in bags or next to keys. They can get weak and or be scratched if kept with other things. I recommend carrying a variety as you might not be sure what size someone is. I always have latex free, large , regular and intense feel. The large ones are best for a wide GIRTH as opposed to length necessarily. 

2. Be prepared to use lube.

Again this makes using condoms easier and more comfortable for both of you. It can be decanted into travel size bottle for easy travel. I recommend the Durex purple 2-in-1 massage gel as it is thicker but CONDOM SAFE. Not all lubes are are for condoms and can degrade the material!! 

3. When touching each other, use one hand for them and one hand for yourself.

For example always play with them with your right hand and touch yourself with the left, this minimises spread of bacteria. You can also put some anti-bacterial hand gel on your hands discreetly when you are in the bathroom or before anything happens just to minimise any surface bacteria. I rarely do this step as it’ll break the fun im having, and I often have lube on my hands but keeping one hand for them and one for you stops the spread of surface bacteria from one to another.

* edit – I am not a doctor so this is a suggestion and can not eliminate all bacteria. A nice fresh shower before hand minimises most things.

4. Condoms should be worn for all oral sex.

Even if they ‘look clean’ – they could be unknowingly carrying chlamydia, gonorrea etc, which could spread to your throat.

*edit- the phrase ‘looks clean’ was in commas originally as I disagree with this phrase. I do not think we should be using this term any longer. No one with an STI is ‘dirty’ although people use this phrase a lot. I suggest a change to ‘if it isn’t obvious signs/ symptoms are showing’ 

If you learn how to do really good hand jobs / fingering with great techniques, you might not even want to do oral. I’ve never had a complaint. I normally do great action with my hands, whilst kissing thighs etc and then move onto penetrative sex. No one has ever complained when I sat on them! Note to clients – we really appreciate it if we can minimise nude genital to genital contact. When we are rolling around naked, please avoid pressing your intimate parts up against mine, or ‘teasing me with your uncovered parts’ without a condom . It’s for my safety and yours that we keep each other safe during playtime.

*edit – Kissing still poses a risk , it is just less risk. I am not able to eliminate all risk entirely but for me kissing thighs is less risk than kissing risk liquids and deep throating.

5. Most important if the condom starts to roll down and it is the wrong way DO NOT TURN IT OVER.

It already has pre-cum inside it which you are flipping over and putting INSIDE the vagina! Throw it away and get a new condom – Hence step one, always have lots of your own with you.

6. After sex I always shower or wash thoroughly. Perfumed products can irritate genitals – vaginas are quite good at ‘self cleaning’. I take probiotics and get tested every 3 months even no symptoms just to be sure. 

*edit – PEE AFTER (and before

7. Any toys, containers should be thoroughly sterilised. Cleaning appropriately with hot soapy water and disinfectant spray in between sexual encounters is a must. I also use condoms on all my toys just to keep things fresh, clean and professional.

Hope you enjoyed my pro-hoe tips! Do you have any you’d like to share? I always practise safe sex and use condoms. To make a booking with a safety conscious escort get in touch here.

With love,
Your Kate

Image Credit @emirparrotta