BDSM – Your Submissive!

Last year, I finally got to play as a submissive with some friends in a DUNGEON and I want to share our story with you. Our own little play zone for fantasies to come to life.

Who and Where Are You Acting Out Your Fantasies?

I absolutely love being a girlfriend experience provider. I enjoy the dinners, I love the companionship and the romance within. That being said, I am also exploring my submissive side by spending some time here in the dungeons of Madrid. Learning from the best Mistress Marlene, she has shown me the ‘ropes’ and trained me to be a good little slave. Working with her to fulfil your naughty fantasies is the best a sub can get! She is available for appointments again at the end of the year, giving me enough time to practice and train the art of behaving myself.

What Is a Submissive?

Being a submissive is a very gratifying rewarding and sexually exciting thing, but it is not without its risks. A personal playmate for one partner or two playing ‘Dominant’ to take the lead, exploring fantasies of sexual control and power play. For this reason, any BDSM play needs to be thoroughly planned out, with mutual consent and trust of each other. Sexology, perversion and shibari can open new sexual playing fields and escapism, the perfect art of ‘letting go’. The mind is overruled by the sexual demands, the feel of every touch.

At the moment this is a service I will provide at discretion and with only my most trusted confidantes.

Can We Play?

If this is something you think you would enjoy, please do send me a message. Perhaps, we can discuss fantasies further. Maybe we could get some dinner first or enjoy an hour or two of GFE before progressing our sexual relationship onto another playing field for the next time…

Your Kate

Image Credit @Emir Parrotta