Sucking Lolly; Condoms in Fellatio

Oral sex is mostly represented in adult films as the ultimate submissive enjoyable act. Of course, in porn, condoms are rarely used as the ‘natural’ experience is mimicked without concern for safety. Most, hopefully all, of the actors and actresses involved are tested regularly for STI’s and don’t engage in unsafe sex outside of their working lives.

However, even in such entertainment when protection, is used, it is rarely seen in giving oral sex. I believe this is responsible for the lack of awareness most young people have surrounding the need for protection.

This is not the case.

A myth started that you don’t need to use anything for intimate oral acts. However, it is completely possible to contract a disease or illness from performing unprotected oral sex on a partner. It may also have stemmed from lack of pregnancy risk, but a risk of STI/STD is very real RISK. USE CONDOMS to minimise this risk during oral. Play responsibly like me 😉

I therefore urge all providers ;

..and sexually active persons to re-think their use of condoms during such intimate acts. Imagine watching an enticing companion go down on you, perhaps you met them as a professional, or in a bar, then imagine the look on your spouses face when you’ve given them gonorrhoea. That’ll make an interesting doctors note to call in sick to work!

Condoms should be used especially for female – male oral sex, male – male oral, but can also be used for male – female and female to female by simply cutting a condom in half and placing a square sheet remains over the genitals. You can also buy specially-cut condoms for this purpose if you engage in cunnilingus (licking pussy) often.

STDs that can be spread during oral sex include gonorrhoea, hepatitis A & B, herpes, human papilloma virus (HPV), and syphilis. Planned Parenthood & NHS advised.

For this reason, I ALWAYS use condoms for oral sex. I recommend ‘SKYN’ as a brand. The taste and texture aren’t too noticeable, plus its still pleasurable to receive through the material. If I am going to wrap my luscious lips around you, for an enthusiastic blow job, it’ll be with a condom, for SAFE unadulterated fun, protecting YOU, protecting your FAMILY and mine. A safe encounter, is a happy encounter. Then we can keep enjoying each other again, and again, and again. #safetyfirst. Get in touch here for safe fun.

With love,
Your Kate

Image Credit @emirparrotta