Kate in a bar

A Note To My Clients

Just a quick message to say a huge thank you to ALL my wonderful clients. I am always blessed and grateful after our dates. Thank you for treating me with kindness and respect.

Our time together, with each individual, is always intimate and sensual. Giving you my vulnerability, and receiving yours back, is a privilege, and one I adore. Thank you from the depths of my soul. This life is not for everyone, but for the courtesan who feels, I feel it all. I love every moment your kindness and contributions give me. Thank you clients!

With this in mind, you may have seen me post often about sex work and the promotion of free will in escorting within the law to do so. I truly believe sex work can be survival, it can be saviour and it can be chosen. We must continue to fight problems in our industry. An example of this could be trafficking, but we must ensure this not at the detriment of consensual providers. Some, like myself find this path so rewarding – a calling that has opened my eyes, my heart and sexual awakenings.

Your Kate

Looking forward to meeting new clients too! To get in touch, simply fill in the contact form here on my website. It is always best to give me as much information as possible. Then I can start to build my excitement and fantasize about our meeting. Whether you want a snuggle buddy, or a dinner companion, I always tailor our meets to your specifications. A truly personal service.

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