Kate Bouvier standing in city

Today, I Told My Therapist

We aren’t so different, her and I.

We both charge per hour. Listening to people talking and allowing them to express their real self is a huge part of our work. We both offer no judgement. Both of us hear some of the deepest pouring of the soul. She hugs me at the end of each session. I hug my clients. So why was I so worried to tell my therapist?

I have seen my therapist for two years, but in that time, Sex Work never came up. It just never flowed into conversation and was a part of my life that I didn’t feel I needed to talk about. I love this work, I love clients, I love dressing up, I love the sex, I love it all. So, I wasn’t about to pay someone to hear me talk about how great it is – as that’s what friends and twitter is for! However, I found myself at a session where I didn’t really have anything on my mind and it felt the right time to talk about it and to share that with her.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

This person has known me for so long and now I wasn’t sure what to say. It went so well though! Anyone considering telling their therapist about their sexual encounters or sexual concerns, do. Whether you see providers, or are one, I’d recommend waiting until you feel ready, until you feel safe and supported. Of course, it is worth being prepared in case they try to ‘fix’ you, as not everyone will react the same, but I’m so pleased I was able to share this positive part of my life.

Once again, I feel loved and accepted in this world.

Love as always,
Your Kate

Image Credit @emirparrotta