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Get Her Begging For More Back Door – My Personal Tips For Anal

Many people are curious about anal and I am always giving my girlfriends advice with my top anal tips to get started. Normally they are very nervous or have heard about bad experiences. Maybe you also have someone special who is a little reluctant, but still wants to experiment with you or you want to ask them but aren’t sure how.

The key from my experience is to take it S-L-O-W-L-Y. If you want them to like it and try it again, and again, best to start off slow with lots of lube 🙂 but here are my top anal tips to have a thrilling experience you’ll BOTH want to repeat again and again.

  1. RELAX. Set aside some time. This is not something you’ll want to rush and if you try but either one is too nervous, you can always try another time, pressuring your partner will probably turn them off. Have a glass of wine or two. I had a strong whiskey my first time but don’t get drunk, you’ll both want to remember how awesome the experience is. Start with lots and lost of foreplay to get the juices flowing!
  2. EXPERIMENT SOLO. It can be fun during masturbation or sex to introduce some toys first to get used to the sensations you both like.
  3. IT’S ANAL. It’s never been messy for me, but if you are prepared to go down the dark alley, don’t be surprised if things are less than spotless. Reassure your partner that it’s expected. Sex is best when its comfortable!
  4. ONE WAY STREET. Vaginas are delicate and to ensure health and prevent any bacteria getting where it shouldn’t never go BUTT to VAGINA without fully showering and soaping first. It can be nasty business, trust me on this, no back to front. This includes needing to change condoms in-between too.
  5. LET HER LEAD. Communicate and talk to each other. If you get too excited and thrust everything in at once, she might not let you in the candy store again! It’s naughty and fun, but she needs to trust you will go at her pace. Things can get hotter later on.

and my top anal tip? – she BREATHES OUT when you enter, deep breaths in and out, slowly slowly, breathing like this and listening to each other is extremely erotic too.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the experience! If it doesn’t work out, try again another time. Soon you’ll be having the backdoor for more than birthdays using my top anal tips 😉  If you want to try reach a -level with me, I do so only with my most regular companions at discretion, contact me here to make a booking.


Love x K x