Independent Escort Kate

A Rather Usual Tuesday for an Independent Escort

Snuggled up in bed with some hot cocoa, I thought I should let you know where I’m hiding. The last two weeks, I have been completely focused on my exam coursework – if only they knew I was a naughty independent escort by night, still I have been rather neglecting my playmates! My goodness, I certainly need a bit of relief from all the text book drudgery and intense debates.

Today I went to Chinese class though and had such a great lesson. I am a good student it seems. I even had a chance to practice some phrases at the local Asian supermarket whilst picking up some exotic ingredients. Not just a pretty face they say – so how do you feel like cooking with me? I’ll wear my most revealing apron, I promise! 😉 I might even let you hold the spoon.

mmmmm a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom? The dream to be with an independent escort!

For lunch I met up with a friend and cooked some veggie Pulled Pork burgers – worth a quick google to try it out, if you want to drop the pounds after Christmas. & impress someone with a quick pork style veggie option! I think it would have been better with rice, but by the time we had a bottle of wine, it didn’t matter anyway, right?! I  purchased a can of ‘Jackfruit’ which makes a fantastic pulled pork style dish in minutes – and fried it up in a pan with some barbecue sauce, served over a bun with some salad as you like. Delicious!

So my plans for the week?

I started it well with a face mask and a bit of pampering yesterday. My favourite as you know, is to run a bath with softening shea butter bubbles. Soaking in the warm stream to prepare and pamper my skin, soft to touch is the best! Usually I like to light to some candles and pour a glass of wine. After, when my body is feeling supple and smooth, I spend a while choosing the perfect polish. Today, I chose a delicate pretty pastel colour for my nails. Imagine those running down your back….Well I also plan to meet up with a girlfriend tomorrow who is also an independent escort (can you imagine the two of us together?! .Oh the life of luxury for an independent escort!

Lets play

I have a little space this weekend for a date too if you want to indulge a little bit too! Drop me a whatsapp and we can arrange something naughty. First time with an independent escort, or a regular indulgence, we will have a lot of fun xx