What to See in Madrid

Before Winter approaches and we lose too much of this glorious weather, make sure you read my list of what to see in Madrid!

In Madrid, most of the sites are walkable, but what to see in Madrid first?! The public transport system is very well put together for a stress free trip. If that isn’t your thing, there are cabs on almost every corner too. Luckily, even in the Winter, with a cosy scarf, these places are still fabulous. Most bars in Madrid still open their terraces and even provide gas heaters or blankets for your comfort. If you’d like me to join you on your visit to this beautiful city, contact me here.

  • The Palacio De Cristal and Retiro Park!
  • Plaza Santa Ana – for drinks food, or a rooftop view at the RADIO ME bar.
  • Temple De Debod – at Sunset is best for amazing views.
  • Puerta Del Sol – passing through is sufficient, but this is the real ‘centre’ where you can see the busking and performances of locals.
  • Cafe de Orient / Plaza de Orient for a drink outside the Palace. 
  • Plaza Mayor – A must do, but continue on to La Latina to visit Cava Baja for a drink or tapas stop.
  • There are many Plazas each with their own feel. Plaza Dos De Mayo is a hustle and bustle for teenagers and street drinking; which is illegal by the way! Plaza Olavide however provides a lovely terrace with a variety of bars for you to enjoy. 
  • Calle Ponzano makes the perfect drinking trail for a posh Wine crawl of the cities best high-end bars and tapas.
  • The RIU Hotel views from the top floor of Plaza de Espana (entry fee applies, not expensive)
  • On a Sunday morning ensure you visit the famous El Rastro – go early because after 11 or 12 the streets are so busy, the experience is less authentic. You can often find little presents, treasures and clothing. The real sights are the side streets where the locals are selling old antiques, from paintings to original edition ‘libros’ – a fantastic opportunity for some photographs. 

With love,
Your Kate

Image Credit @emirparrotta