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Why I Do Not Offer Discounts

Rates and Discounts is a serious topic. Most of my blog posts are upbeat, and tongue-in-cheek. I am playful by nature, but we all have boundaries. Asking for discounts can be complicated. Providers be aware, clients take note. Know the limits within which we play.

The escorting business is a personal one – one I take seriously as a business. The very nature of our work means I do give a part of myself to every client. This can cause some blurring of lines and clients can misunderstand my intentions. Just as I will never message you outside of our communication lines, I expect the same from you. Our relationship is pure fantasy, escapism, hedonism and lust. Sometimes our experiences can be meaningful, but they are just that – experiences on borrowed time.

Every consensual Sex Worker (not trafficking or slavery) organises their business the way they want. We are free to say when, who and how much. Here I am talking about the consensual act of selling experiences, regardless of our reason for intially entering the industry.


I choose to sell fantasy. That means every booking I take on in a bespoke manner, hoping to fulfil your desires and needs in a safe space. This purchase of companionship, something that may be lacking in other parts of our lives, which when fulfilled, can provide a boost to self esteem, warmth and escapism.

A Professional Service

I am a happy provider, marketing myself as a luxury companion to ensure our experience together fulfils the ultimate GFE – Girlfriend Experience. We may laugh, drink and play but this is a professional service. I have numerous expenses. At this stage in my life am using what little I make to further my education. I do not have endless cash, nor am I greedy. I am not sitting on piles of money. Leading a very humble life, I save for my future.

Clients may have researched various listings, maybe read this blog and then chosen to purchase my services. Perhaps they enquired, sent a deposit and then provided remuneration in whatever form the law allows in the area. This however is still a professional service that has been provided to the client.

Clients asking for discounts leads me to believe they do not respect my service, nor that it is valuable or worth the advertised rate. I am selling myself as a companion to meet their desires… Please don’t do this.

If you ask for a discount and I do not respond to such, I am trying to be polite. I don’t wish to taint our relationship by having to bring us out of play and into reality that you are disrespecting my business. The answer is no.

Discounts are never offered.

My rates have been carefully calculated to ensure I cover my costs, in line with market rate and am able to survive.

If you have enquired about a bespoke package or FMTY, negotiation will be at the beginning and I will initiate this conversation. If you ask for a discount after we have met, or after rates have been discussed, I only assume you do not think I am worthy, and that doesn’t make my pussy feel very wet. Just as I want to make you feel like a King by providing your wants needs and desires, I want to feel like your treasured Queen.

The best clients RESPECT:

My Rate; do not ask for discounts ever.
My Time; do not pressure me to stay longer.
My Boundaries; do not pressure me to do things I don’t feel comfortable doing.

Keep our play fun, consensual and respectful.
This post has been more serious than I like to be, and I hope acts as intended, a simple reminder of the boundaries between Provider and Client. I want to leave our booking feeling satisfied, with warm memories instead of unworthy and disrespected.

Love Kate