wife doesn't want to have sex with me

My Wife Doesn’t Want Me – What Happened?

 The number one reason many clients seek companionship in the arms of a professional, is not to do some dirty dog tricks or act out weird fantasies with strangers. It is to replace the missing physical intimacy from their own love lives with their wife. Maintaining a longterm monogamous relationship is difficult. Arguably it goes against our biological and animal desires.

So what do I do when my wife no longer wishes to be intimate with me? Did you do something wrong? Is it just what happens at this stage in life? Sometimes life does get in the way. The dull routine of work and children doesn’t allow much room for sexual intimacy and after a while perhaps we forget how to be close, really close.

Escort Therapy

I have listened to many men vent their frustrations, anxiety and grief over the issue. ‘but I love my wife’
They are happy with their families and don’t wish to rock the boat but equally they fear dying of boredom or accidentally seeking an affair. Thats where escorts come in.
As a professional companion, ladies like myself can discreetly take care of those needs, no guilt necessary. This helps take the pressure and need away from home whilst you work through and support your wife. Maybe this will be a permanent solution if she has openly said she no longer wishes to engage in sexual intimacy. For some however this is the relief they need without fear an affair may destroy their homes and lives of their children. I like to see it as an alternative therapy. 


To address the issues with her, communicate. Find a good time, when she is relaxed or over a date night and explain your feelings in a non judgemental way. Avoid shifting blame. Have an open discussion, where she can communicate her reasons and you can work through it together.

Reasons Why Women Say No To Sex

There is an article here by The Generous Husband which engaged in some research addressing this exact issue and I recommend you give it a read with some self reflection.

In the meantime, manage your urges by engaging in safe intimacy and release with professional companions to avoid the temptations elsewhere. Book my bespoke services katebbouvier@gmail.com

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